We provide buildings insurance if we are the freeholder of a building or we are employed as the manager or managing agent for a building. 

If we provide buildings insurance for your home you will be paying for this within your monthly service charges. 

We usually provide buildings insurance if:

  • You own a shared ownership home.
  • You own a flat and you pay us a service charge.
  • You rent a home from us.
  • You lease commercial property from us.

Sometimes buildings insurance is provided by someone else if we do not own the building, and there are a small number of freeholders who have a contract with us to provide insurance for their homes. If you are unsure whether we insure your home or not, get in touch and we can tell you.

The insurance we provide is only for buildings. You will need to arrange your own contents insurance to cover your personal possessions.

Where can I get a copy of the policy?
Here are summaries of cover for the buildings insurance.

The current summary of cover for leaseholders and shared ownership owners is available here.

How to make a claim

You can contact Zurich Municipal direct to make a building insurance claim.
To make a claim with Zurich, call: 0800 335 500, quoting reference number: JHA-22S517-0013
If there is any damage to the communal areas for which LiveWest has a responsibility, please contact us and we will deal with any claims.