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31 March

Molly praised for performing CRP on older person

Mother-of-one Molly Morgan has been hailed as one of our Community Stars after attempting to save the life of a Bristol resident
Molly Morgan

A Bristol woman has received an award for attempting to save the life of an older person.

Molly Morgan, 23, was one of three winners in the individual section after we launched a Community Stars competition to celebrate unsung heroes across the South West.

Molly was shopping with her partner and her son in Lawrence Weston and, as she left the local stores, noticed that a lady had collapsed in her wheelchair.

Quick-thinking Molly rushed to provide help and immediately rang 999 for medical assistance.

Molly, who works in a warehouse in Avonmouth, was instructed to perform CPR on the lady until the ambulance arrived.

Molly explained: “I was walking out of the shop with my partner and that’s when I noticed a lady sat in her chair and she looked like she had slumped.

“She didn’t look right, and I went over to her to speak to her. She wasn’t responding at all and it was at that point that I needed to call an ambulance.

“The lady fell out of her chair and I was then told to apply CPR by the call handler. It was something I had never done before and you go through that stage of panic.

“But I had to do something and I followed all the advice I was given down the phone. We were desperately trying to keep her alive.”

Sadly, the older person passed away two days later after being admitted to hospital and Molly added: “We managed to keep her alive until the ambulance got there.

“I was quite shaken up and the worst thing was not knowing what had happened to her.

“I found out which care home she lived at and got in contact with them. It was on the Sunday she passed away and I felt really sad.

“She had suffered a heart attack and I don’t feel like I did anything that anyone else wouldn’t do.

“But it is nice to be recognised and thank you to LiveWest for giving me this award.

Sue Mackel, who runs the Lawrence Weston Facebook group, nominated Molly for a Community Stars award.

Sue said: “I just felt that Molly deserved to be recognised. What she did was fantastic, and she did her very best to keep the woman alive.

“No one knows how they are going to react in a similar situation, but she gave CPR and did everything she could.”

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