2 August 2021

Looking to change your career or boost your skills?

We are offering our customers the opportunity to get free support and help to find their dream job
image of a laptop, cv and magnifying glass, with the words 'job search'

The thought of changing a career or learning new skills to take a different direction in life, can sometimes be scary and intimidating. This is mostly because we don’t know where to start or, we don’t have confidence to take the first step.

Hiring a personal coach to guide and help with reaching our goals is something that we might not consider because of the potential cost. But what if we told you that LiveWest can  connect you with a personal career coach and boost your skills – for free?

LiveWest has partnered with Stay Nimble to provide free digital career coaching support.

Helen Thomas, Grants Officer at LiveWest, said: “The Stay Nimble app is an amazing resource that can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

“Membership  can cost up to £250 per month but we are offering our customers the opportunity to access the app and all its benefits, free of charge.

“Some of the features include real-time access to qualified and accredited career coaches; a series of simple assessments to help build skills, a career portal that gives access to careers in demand, as well as a variety of short courses to boost skills.

“We have a limited number of places available to our customers, to get them free support and access on the Stay Nimble app. We will also include a £20 e-voucher for them to use for their online purchases.”

For the chance to be considered, LiveWest customers can contact us at community.investment@livewest.co.uk and tell us why they want to find a new career path and why this service would make a difference to them.

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