5 August 2022

Gas supervisor makes career move after life-changing incident

He wanted to work for a company with a strong social purpose, and help people find a secure home. 
Paul Hutchins

Our gas supervisor, Paul Hutchins, has followed a new career path with us after a life changing incident.

Paul, 34, came from the marine sector and after a variety of roles wanted to move from self-employment into the housing sector. 

In 2014, Paul had a live changing incident which resulted in him making some decisions about his career.  Unable to work for a period of time, Paul attended evening classes to get his plumbing qualification.  

He then saw a gas engineer role with LiveWest and decided to apply and believes his quality of life has improved as a result.

He is encouraging tradespeople, an electrician, a gas engineer or a multi-skilled technician, looking for opportunities to apply for a role with LiveWest.

Paul said: “I originally wanted to move into the construction industry because I could see that was something I'd enjoy.

“I just jumped into self-employment and started at the bottom then worked my way up. For me, it was good because it meant I could get involved with everything. 

“I was able to get variety which meant I learned very quickly the skills needed.” 

“At the time, I had just gone through a very difficult period where I had obviously had a break in income from my injury,” Paul said.

“So, this seemed the perfect opportunity and gave me back my motivation. I’m really glad I took this opportunity as I enjoy working for LiveWest and it’s great for me and my family.”

At LiveWest, he has found the career path and a way for him and his family to live in an area that means a lot to them.  He also enjoys the opportunity to build a network and knowing he is doing something that will improve people’s lives and give him purpose with his employment.  

Paul said: “I grew up in a rural village setting, my family grew up in a village setting, and I didn't want to effectively make us homeless by not being able to afford a house. This way we can live where we have grown up and stay local. 

“LiveWest is providing homes to tackle the housing crisis across the South West. I know that my skills, and that of my team, is making a huge difference to people.  Every day we help customers in their homes by maintaining them and this is what I enjoy doing.”  

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