8 July

Celebrating the completion of a rural housing project in Fowey

Our commitment to rural housing is demonstrated by a number of developments across the region which give people the chance to secure an affordable home.

The first affordable homes at a project in Fowey, Cornwall, have just been completed and residents will soon be moving in.

Fowey, a port town lying at the mouth of the River Fowey in south Cornwall, is a great example of an area where the disparity between pay and average property prices continues to grow without any sign of slowing down.

That is why we are determined to develop affordable homes in rural areas to help people remain living in the areas they have grown up in and have connections and a love for.

The development in Fowey has seen us partner with Burrington Estates to develop homes for rent and shared ownership - providing affordable options for local people.

The scheme has a local connection criteria, which means many of the homes will be owned or rented by people already living within and around the area.

As we celebrate Rural Housing Week, our Development Manager, Lucie Sominka, said: “This is a stunning development which is proving very popular with local people.

“The scheme includes an element of affordable homes for local people to rent or purchase as shared ownership, and continued provision of affordable homes in rural areas is important for the community to continue to survive and thrive.

“This development is a very good example of a rural high value, coastal town, where there is an enormous affordability gap.

“These affordable homes help address that gap and ensure that people can still rent or own a home at a price they can afford.

“We hope that these new affordable homes will help to tackle the housing crisis in Cornwall and help more local people find  good quality homes close to their friends, family and workplace.” 

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