Your Neighbourhood Manager


Employment and skills

To find out your neighbourhood manager enter your postcode in the search below:

*If results are not displayed for your exact postcode, try only adding part of your postcode eg simply: TR27 or TR27 4

We work hard to ensure all residents receive an equal service from us. Recent changes to the way we work mean that Neighbourhood Managers are out and about more and will make sure customers have one point of contact for issues. 

Your Neighbourhood Manager will:

give advice about moving or exchanging your home

answer questions about caretaking, cleaning or other services

answer questions about service charges

provide help and advice to resolve a dispute with your neighbour

help with boundary or land ownership questions

give advice if you request permission to keep a pet or make home improvements

help with questions about your tenancy or other agreement

support you to join or start up a residents association

help you build skills and employment by putting you in touch with our Workhub staff

link you to your local community development worker about getting involved.

If you have any questions or would like more information please call 0300 123 8080.