Gender Pay Gap Statement – 2016/17

We provide a wide range of benefits to our staff and understand the need for fair pay within our organisation.


Our management team

DCH is committed to being the best organisation in the south west, both in the great services we provide to our customers and in being a great employer.

As part of this, we pay salaries based on research of the wider employment market to ensure fair and competitive pay for our roles and we review this on a regular basis. This means each role is paid at a median market rate and individuals doing the same role are paid the same.

We offer staff a range of flexible working options to recognise that life outside of work is important and these schemes have a high take-up rate. In addition a number of roles within DCH are offered on a part-time basis.

Overall, we have an equal gender split across DCH and our subsidiary organisation, Independent Futures CIC (49.8% male, 50.2% female). In our Leadership team (c40 staff) we have a higher proportion of male staff (64.1% male). Being mindful of this differential we monitor the gender balance on our management development programmes to ensure women are encouraged to take up opportunities. In the past year Learning to Lead, our introduction to management course, comprised 53.7% females; Managing with Impact, comprised 60% females.

We do have a number of areas where, traditionally, one gender has been more significantly represented. In our Repairs and Asset Management teams males are more significantly represented; in our Neighbourhoods and Customer Services teams the proportion of females is higher. We are continually looking to ensure that our employment processes are fair ensuring everyone is judged on the skills and knowledge required to carry out a role. We have conducted a review of all our recruitment and selection during 2016/2017 and identified there is no gender bias in our appointments to DCH.

During 2016/2017, we operated a bonus scheme within our Repairs team, a predominantly male team. This is reflected in our bonus pay gap in this report. We have now withdrawn that scheme and replaced it with an organisational bonus scheme for all of our colleagues. This is based on well understood organisational objectives; it provides a minimum payment to lower paid staff and a capped maximum to higher paid staff. This will have a positive impact on our bonus gender pay gap in the future, at the same time as motivating and rewarding great customer service.

2018 is an exciting year for DCH as we amalgamate with Knightstone Housing Association to create LiveWest. We are committed to reducing the gender pay gap, which is not acceptable. We will take this commitment forward to LiveWest, where we will develop targets and timeframes for change.

Group Chief Executive

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