Proud to present Corinne and Natisha with Community Champion Awards

Tuesday 13/03/2018


Corrine Brown and Natisha Lobb have been part of the Treneere Team Spirit Residents Association for over three years now and in addition to chairing the association they also help to organise further activities which encourage the community to come together. This has included litter picks, family days out and fun days. They both made a Christmas lights event possible last year by getting the local community involved. This included donating batteries, arranging collections (which included donations from a local builder’s merchant) and gaining funding from the local councillor. They were also successful in gaining funding of over £87 from us to help pay for the light display. The Christmas event brought over 100 local customers together to celebrate and made it the best event yet.

Paul Marshall, Director of Community Engagement said: ‘’Treneere is a great community with active customers doing valuable work. Corinne and Natisha sacrifice their own time to do fantastic things for their community. Thanks to all the hours they put in, Treneere had a fantastic Christmas lights display. This helped to bring the community together to celebrate Christmas. What’s also not to be downplayed is the effort they put into their joint chairing of Treneere Team Spirit Residents Association. They and others give so much time to their community. This is what sets them out as real community champions.’’

Both Natisha and Corinne work hard to bring their community together throughout the year and it’s great to recognise their hard work in the form of a Community Champion Award. Well done Corrine and Natisha!