Important - Cornwall Homechoice is changing

Monday 08/01/2018


What is changing?

A new website for Homechoice will go live on Wednesday 10 January 2018.

The rules that decide how homes are allocated are also changing.

Why is Homechoice changing?

Demand for social housing in Cornwall is very high. This update to the Homechoice system will mean more of the homes that become available go to families and individuals with the greatest need and see local connections strengthened.

A new website for Homechoice

The new website will make it easier for applicants to apply for homes that become available through Homechoice and to manage their accounts online. The new website will go live on Wednesday 10 January 2018 and the first bidding week will start on Thursday 18 January 2018.

Current Homechoice applicants do not need to complete a new Homechoice application. If you are already in the housing register, you only need to set up a new user account on the new website. Once a user account has been set up, you will be able to access your Homechoice application and bid on properties when they are listed.

Important: you will need your current Homechoice reference to set up a user account; the reference number usually begins with HR.

Watch this short video below which gives more information about the changes:

What are the new allocation rules?

Cornwall Council's Allocations Policy sets out who qualifies for an offer of a property from those that are owned by the Council and from those that other providers own but the Council have nominations rights to. The Allocations Policy helps to determine what banding an application should have.

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