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Please note this information relates to the DCH complaints process.

We've seen an encouraging increase in customer satisfaction with our complaints service.


Customer service standards

We have worked hard to improve our complaints service this year. We've placed greater emphasis on resolving complaints faster and in a less formal way. We've seen an increase in the number of complaints resolved at first contact, or in the first few days. Our customer satisfaction levels have also increased. See how we have improved in the graph below.


In the 12 months until the end of March 2017, we received 1,842 new complaints. Of these, more than 98% were resolved at the first stage of our complaints process. Of which 84% were fully or partially upheld. The number of complaints we received across each of our key service areas are:

Service Area

No. complaints

Responsive Repairs


Planned Repairs




Contact Centre






Understanding and learning from complaints will continue to be our main goal. In April 2016 we introduced an initiative to improve information around complaints. We know that delays and poor communication are often the main causes of complaints. In response, we have introduced new measures to address this problem. We aim to reduce the likelihood that customers will need to complain in the future.

We have also seen the introduction of a new compliments initiative. This has enabled us to recognise and celebrate excellent customer service. Thank you to customers who have taken the time to let us know about our services and acknowledged our staff.