Manage homes

We manage homes across the South West. If you rent one of our homes, we’ll be there to help you make the most of it. 




 We manage homes

We’ll support you whilst you live in your home, and we’ll also help you move on if your circumstances change. We can advise you on saving energy, water and how to manage your budget.

We can help you understand safety issues and also advise you on any home improvements you might want to make. We have a skilled team who can fix your repairs. If it’s an emergency we’ll get out to you straight away.

Our neighbourhood teams also make sure the area where you live is well looked after and well managed. They’ll be the people you really get to know and will always be on hand to help you, and offer support and advice.

And we will always welcome your help and advice to improve our services so they work best for you.

Community updates

Proud to present Corinne and Natisha with Community Champion Awards


Gas servicing and safety - ensuring your home is safe and healthy


Important - Cornwall Homechoice is changing


Our South Hams customers get energy wise

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