Commitment to the environment

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond the green spaces in our neighbourhoods.


Davy House a DCH sustainable housing development in Penzance Cornwall

As our business grows, we strive to deliver excellent environmental practice in the development and maintenance of our homes, our work with our contractors and suppliers to improve environmental standards, our promotion of energy saving and recycling in our local communities and working with our customers to help everyone protect the environment.

In 2013 we were awarded a certification under British Standard EN ISO 14001 – the international standard for environmental management systems and our environmental systems are built on the principles of this standard, which we measure and report on. Since 2013 we have demonstrated by passing two annual external audits in 2014 and 2015 that our compliance has been maintained to a high standard

We are part of the Advantage South West procurement consortium, which enables us to deliver excellent service in both cost effective procurement and knowledge sharing. Our ability to bulk purchase items and participate in Advantage South West has been hugely valuable in increasing our efficiency in caring for the environment.

In our communities, we are providing great customer services to encourage our customers to be sustainable to help the environment and reduce their daily living costs.

Across the housing sector we are championing innovative ways of working so we can:

comply with the environmental legislation and regulations applicable to its activities
achieve high standards of environmental management in all areas of our work and activities
seek to ensure that all those working on behalf of LiveWest comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations
raise awareness and understanding of environmental matters across our company
work to achieve sustainable solutions in our work
measure and monitor our environmental objectives and targets.

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